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Bendix Trophy
Inaugurated in 1931, the Vincent Bendix Trophy was the awarded to the winner of the free-for-all cross-country speed dash from Los Angeles to Cleveland, Ohio.
Sponsored by the Bendix Instrument Company, this race was to encourage experimental work in connection with the increase of speed in aviation.
Winners of the Bendix Trophy
1931 James H. Doolittle
1932 Capt. James Haizlip
1933 Roscoe Turner
1934 Douglas Davis
1935 Ben O. Howard
1936 Louise Thadden and Blanche Noyes
1937 Frank Fuller, Jr.
1938 Jackie Cochran
1939 Frank Fuller, Jr.
1940 - 1945 Races Suspended
1946 Paul Mantz
1947 Paul Mantz
1948 Paul Mantz
1949 Joe DeBona
1950 No Race
1951 Col. Keith Compton
1952 No Race
1953 Maj. William Whisner, Jr.
1954 Capt. Ed Kenny
1955 Col. Carlos Tabbott
1956 Capt. Manuel Fernandez, Jr.
1957 Capt. Kenneth Chandler
1958 - 1960 No Races Held
1961 Lt. Richard Gordon and Lt. (jg.) Bobbie Long
1962 Capt. Robert Sowers, Capt. Robert McDonald, Capt. John Watson
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